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Knowing your enemy

Published June 6, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

I am a passionate activist on different social issues affecting my life, having given my support to different campaigns without qualification. However, I have come to the following conclusion that to win the battle you need to know your enemy. This article gives one perspective on the mentality of conservatives which you can build on in coming too some informed view of your own. The rule here is be critical and read widely because we all have biases, mine are coloured by my own life learning with a deep pink hue. This position refers to me being a card carrying Queer or member of the LGBTIQS community.
The focus is always on the message obviously if we disagree with it, there is no point in rallying against it with a passionate oppositional position. This may only act to alienate those we seek support from to bring about change. It is a matter of being clear on your message not in promoting that of your detractors by reinforcing negative views. In knowing your enemy you have the advantage of being aware of the tactics they use and readily counter any emotive rhetoric.
The key points to keep in mind including
•Question everything and park your passion
•Apply the following six questions Who What Where When Why & How to any topic and/or action
•Be mindful that any ‘Why’ question will get a subjective response
•Fact check everything
•We all have an agenda

Think analytically and act strategically