Less vitriol and more pink reason

Published June 15, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Stottlemyer: Pat Robertson spouts more nonsense

Whom do we want to share our message? This opinion does little to achieve the goal of raising awareness or grabbing the ear of any potential allies. However, it is another example of hypercritical manipulation of half-truths and emotive rhetoric hurriedly cobbled together as a public response to the ignorance of a perceived enemy. The opinion speaks only to the converted as our enemy does not see our views as valid and those holding neutral positions would simply dismiss it as a weak argument. In seeking support for the causes, we hold close our argument has to be strong and grounded in objectivity, yes easier said than done. In clarifying I do not support Robinson’s ignorance, however when we need to use parenting penguins to support our position it is simply sad.

Questions you need to ask.

What is the difference between being Gay and homosexual?

Why do we rayl at the enemy, when their minds are closed?

Whom do we want to really speak to?

What is our message or messages?

What is the most effective and affective way to deliver the message?

Being Gay has nothing to do with homosexuality!

Sometimes people who have been sexually abused may get the two mixed up because of their trauma

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