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John Ridley: Never Mind the Race Haters, Remember Loving Day

Published June 16, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

John Ridley: Never Mind the Race Haters, Remember Loving Day

Note in your calendar the 12 June as Loving Day, it was on that day in 1958 that Richard Loving married his wife Mildred nothing unique. However, in their home state of Virginia Richard (Anglo-European) married Mildred (African American) broke the law by entering into an interracial marriage. The couple were imprisoned and later forced to leave the state, it was not until 1967 when the US Supreme Court overturned their conviction  and struck down all laws against interracial marriage.

the Supreme Court ruled in their favour, striking down the Virginia statute and all state anti-miscegenation laws as unconstitutional violations of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The moral of this story there is injustice in the world and people are often face persecution because of it. However, hope springs eternal and we shall overcome someday.

Celebrating Social Diversity

I defer to Dr King

Sheila Shayon: Can Volunteerism And Service Become Profitable?

Published June 16, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Sheila Shayon: Can Volunteerism And Service Become Profitable?

8I am never sure how describe capitalism as a cancer or vampire, the outcome is similar it drains potential because the goal is always profit. This story is an example of that capitalism out looking for another victim, oh sorry potential source for profit. I feel activism can usurp this threat by not directly supporting charity organisations, it sounds like a big call. However it is the philosophy of paternalism that underpins charity in the cycle of dependence on others that dis-empowers people. A charity often looses sight of service and becomes obsessed with sustaining their own existence. Further to this organisations start staking out boundaries or turfs on issues that leads to strange monopolies.

Volunteering is about you giving back to your community!

Holocaust Memorial Day observed

Published June 16, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Holocaust Memorial Day observed | News Story on

The pink triangle a symbol often used to represent pride has a sad history during WWII homosexual men forced to wear by the Nazis. It is our version of the yellow star that Jews had to wear yes we shared a similar fate being interned in death camps and gassed as a part of Hitler’s grand social plan. As it is pride month, we may want to reflect on that past beyond the more recent advances for the community. On the pain and suffering, many of us have experienced simply because we indentify differently to those who represent themselves as normal.

Celebrate Diversity

Why Can’t You Just Butch Up? Gay Men, Effeminacy, and Our War with Ourselves

Published June 16, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Why Can’t You Just Butch Up? Gay Men, Effeminacy, and Our War with Ourselves |

Challenging gender stereotypes & why can’t we accept masculine diversity
I could go into  a rant about heterosexism & how media simply reflects institutional stereotypes. However, it maybe better for you to  answer these questions yourself because we all discriminate against others for different reasons many I don’t understand. Some I actively campaign against in doing so I have found the most affective way is to ask the WHY question.

Why did you say that?
Why did you respond in that way?
Always question what is and ask why?

Revisiting 1969 and the Start of Gay Liberation

Published June 16, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Revisiting 1969 and the Start of Gay Liberation – City Room Blog –

My immediate question why the Chamber of Commerce, it was any vanilla mainstream organisation that gave birth to the modern movement. It was individual’s who engaged in spontaneous social action in challenging the authorities because of perceived injustice. They drew a line in the sand to use an old metaphor and then stepped over it. In this case it was those individuals often marginalised by both mainstream and gay establishment as unworthy. During this pride month I have spent some time considering the future of our community in all its glory and what campaigns like PROP8 means to us.

My greatest fear is that some seek to sanitise our history for their own ends in achieving middle class acceptance/ or was that tolerance.
This the 40th anniversary of Stonewall what is our future?
What does Gay Liberation mean to you today?