Revisiting 1969 and the Start of Gay Liberation

Published June 16, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Revisiting 1969 and the Start of Gay Liberation – City Room Blog –

My immediate question why the Chamber of Commerce, it was any vanilla mainstream organisation that gave birth to the modern movement. It was individual’s who engaged in spontaneous social action in challenging the authorities because of perceived injustice. They drew a line in the sand to use an old metaphor and then stepped over it. In this case it was those individuals often marginalised by both mainstream and gay establishment as unworthy. During this pride month I have spent some time considering the future of our community in all its glory and what campaigns like PROP8 means to us.

My greatest fear is that some seek to sanitise our history for their own ends in achieving middle class acceptance/ or was that tolerance.
This the 40th anniversary of Stonewall what is our future?
What does Gay Liberation mean to you today?

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