Privilege and Ignorance Speak Volumes

Published June 19, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Womanist Musings

The link makes comment on the ignorance that fires the prejudice expressed by some through denial of discrimination. Admittedly, every member of ours and other marginalised communities has experienced the venom of haters through their lived experience. The poison of denial that people are discriminated at the beginning of the 21st centenary, however ignorance still fires up old hate, which until rallies against the advances made in the past 50 years. Since the times of MLK, Malcolm X, Flower Power, Women Liberation (second wave Feminism) & Stonewall, and many others who all stood up for equality. In all this sacrifice we the Other gained much, however our detractors still hold power and their minions still espouse their vile hate.

Among the thing we ask for is

•respect our human and civil rights, we do not expect you to agree with wholly us as we surely cannot agree wholly with you
• Mind what you safe and if you want to contribute think before you speak or act
•ask questions rather than pass judgements, nobody knows everything google or yahoo first
•we don’t discriminate and willingly encourage you to know us
•Educate don’t discriminate

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