The Political Carnival: Hatred and the far right

Published June 19, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

The Political Carnival: Hatred and the far right

The article speaks to the relatively recent rise in Hate group activities in the US (circa 2009). However, these people are out there at all times, except the media ignores them until it is convenient like many things to pump up their sensationalist noise factor. Although as a community, they and their minions are part of our lived experience, in espousing some highly selective vitriol against our very existence. While these ignorant people are found wanting due to the inconsistencies in their argument, some quote from the Bible, however over looking its messages of love and acceptance believing these are only for the selected few. Their logic in arguing something that is in opposition to the source they claim as supporting the position held, escapes all reason. It would seem logic has little to do with HATE or ANGER, they seem to cloak the real emotion and neutralise any chance of reconciliation or do they.
It may speak to our strength as a community both in surviving their ongoing attacks and in actively mounting a resistance to this lunacy. The source of this resistance being our PRIDE, an ability to in example openly defend, lobby and express ourselves in a positive way to the wider community.

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