Gay rights law spells end for adoption in archdiocese

Published June 30, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Gay rights law spells end for adoption in archdiocese – Catholic Herald Online

The story is about the self imposed knock on affect for the Roman Catholic Church in light of recent Alphabet friendly law reform in the UK. This paragon of virtue has decide to close its adoption service over an identified values conflict.

“The charity has pulled out of adoption because it cannot reconcile Church teaching on marriage and the family with the demands of the Sexual Orientation Regulations, Labour’s new gay rights laws that compel all adoption agencies to assess same-sex couples as prospective parents.”

In Christ we serve except in situations where it does not conflict with the views of an institution that has wreaked abuse on the world since its early days in the name of their faith. I do not need to further document their litany of crimes against humanity because they are well known and recorded. It is time to show the hater’s and hypocrites the door with a proverbial “boot up the arse’


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