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Butterfly of Hope

Published July 6, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

In the year 2009, you’d think governments would have well and truly faced the atrocities of World War II. Yet up to 200,000 women who were forced into sexual slavery by Japanese soldiers have still not received an adequate apology – let alone compensation – from the Japan Government.

Their chosen symbol of hope is the butterfly. We’re going to cover the web in beautiful butterflies in the run up to August 15th – the anniversary of WWII’s end – to highlight this hidden tragedy. Each butterfly will represent a message to the Australian PM to pass a motion urging the Japan Government to recognise and compensate survivors. In all this time, Australia is one of the few Allied countries that hasn’t stood up and called the Japanese Government to account.

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House of Sharing
The House of Sharing is the home for the living comfort women forced into becoming sex-slaves during World War II. The House of Sharing Establishment Committee founded in June 1992 with the purpose of building a home for the living comfort women through raising funds from Buddhist organizations and various circles of society