Black & White issues facing the rainbow collective

Published July 17, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Queerty asking questions and demanding answers

It seems strange that a community advocating for social equality by accident, design or default on one occasion excludes some members. I cannot understand if it was an organisational or community meeting

Why does the makeup of a group claiming to be the ‘new gay civil rights movement’ not reflect the diverse community it seeks to represent?

Feminism seemingly advocates an inclusive and collaborative approach, how did those women present see this process empowering our community?

Was this process not simply some paternalistic grandstanding by those who can in the same political vein as our detractors?

While I do not seek to admonish any single party, it is an issue for our community that needs addressing that in ignoring people of colour we discriminated. In this context I am not talking about reverse discrimination, rather it seems this group discriminated against its own community

In clarifying if this exclusion was by

Accident – then why are our community organisations so vanilla is it due to organisational culture?

Design – which this group actively sort to discriminate against members of a community they claim to represent.

Default – that these organisations are blind to racial discrimination, this beggars the question who else do the discriminate.

How can they claim to represent the people of the margin if they discriminate against anybody?

The Black Community Already Is a Part of the Gay Community

If White Gay Leaders Exclude Blacks From Their Plans, Should They Expect Their Support?

‘We call on our white gay brothers and sisters …to recognize that they have work of their own to do in communicating with communities of color’

‘That’s the conundrum in the African-American community’

‘The black gay community has to come out of the closet. Whites cannot do that for them’

‘That’s the conundrum in the African-American community’

How to Sum Up the Gay Community’s Feelings Toward Our New President?

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