Neil Hicks: Criminalizing Dissent

Published August 5, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Neil Hicks: Criminalizing Dissent

When considering dissent , it generally refers to an oppositional political position, as is queer by its very nature. The article discusses the vagaries of democracy and removal of authoritarian governments that may result in the compromising of human rights. . However, what does this mean for us when these white knights of equity are more likely our oppressors. It seems mainly in Western countries like the US, Australia and the UK with representational forms of government it is by their grace we are able to express our opposition. However, because of systemic biases these political positions maybe ignored. It comes down to numbers politicians do listen and talk with us, but the impetus to act fully is lacking. As a minority, we do not have the political muscle, which means we have to i.e. nurture allies, build networks advocate, lobby and protest loudly. We have gained much over the last 100 years however, on a political whim these rights can be revoked at any time. The key here is to know the political system, be clear on your aims and objectives, and lastly be prepared to fight.


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