If Homosexuality Is a ‘Sexual Preference,’ Is Heterosexuality a ‘Sexual Predilection’?

Published August 5, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

If Homosexuality Is a ‘Sexual Preference,’ Is Heterosexuality a ‘Sexual Predilection’? / Queerty

Words, Words, Words, these building blocks of communication can be used in many ways i.e. to express love, to incite conflict, to convey ideas, and state disrespect. The use of language is important because words have immense power they define our cultural reality within the relationships that make us human. Words are the means by which we communicate with each other in many different positive and negative ways i.e. to express love, discriminate, share ideas, show disrespect and enforce social values. In recent history, we have become more sensitive to power of words Government reflects this social shift in its dealings with cultural groups. It has established formal guidelines in the form of policy & procedures, legislation and the law. These guidelines relate to appropriate ways in undertaking a respectful dialogue with an identified cultural group. However, cultural conflicts exist in a complex society like ours we can see it playing out in everyday life, mass media, and some political commentary or more subtle in other mainstream culture.

The notion that words represent real power and as such language or the use of language be it spoken, written or otherwise transmitted is not an original idea. However, this point while relevant the source post-modernity or critical –modernity seems peripheral. Hence to be aware that with every statement made we convey some form of authority or power. Quiet often it draws on some i.e. moral authority, political ideology or something an elder relative imparted on you as wisdom. If somebody said to you, I wish you were dead or I hate you, then if you held the person in esteem like a parent, how would this make you feel. This happens when someone discloses his or her gender identity, further compounded by a society that in the main denies his or her right to exist.  However, upon this disclosure they become members of a great Rainbow nation , that often freely reaches out in support.

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