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StraightGuise | Reasons straight men have sex with men

Published August 12, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

StraightGuise | Reasons straight men have sex with men

We are talking about heterosexual men who have sex with other men we are not talking about Gay, Bisexual or closeted men.  Joe Kort a psychotherapist compiled the list below in an attempt to identify the many reasons heterosexual men have sex with other men, it is included here purely for your consideration on this topic. However, it is a limited consideration because its’ clinical focus, it seemingly pathologies sexuality. It seemingly assumes that if a man engages in a sexual activity otherwise inconsistent with his expressed sexual orientation , this is somehow deviant requiring clinical intervention.  My concern being a denial of human sexual diversity and that the individual has to remain confined to a set of acknowledge behaviours consistent with certain labels.    Admittedly, if the man finds his own behaviour problematic and seeks change then this clinical approach may be appropriate.

Whatever the reason be respectful of you and others, forget the guilt and play safe

Homosexuality and Paedophilia: The False link

by Joe Kort, MSW copyright 2004

Do we need to redefine masculinity?

What does this mean for men who identify as Gay?

What does this mean for closeted men?

Why do we medicalize human diversity?

When do we embrace sexual diviersity?

Easkey: Tiny Irish Village goes Gay for a Day

Published August 12, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Tiny Irish village goes gay for a day | Irish News | IrishCentral

The tiny coastal village of Easkey, County Sligo has “gone gay” today in hosting what is thought to be the smallest gay pride event in the world.

The local Family Resource Centre of Easkey, population 250, is urging residents to “go gay” in an act of support of the local LGBT community.

The village, which is best known as a surfing and fishing town and has just two shops, two pubs, two butchers and a post office, will host a reception in its Family Resource Centre followed by a shore side barbecue.

Organizers expect around 80 people from the community to attend, all of whom will wear pins proudly stating: “gay for a day.”

The event is part of the Northwest LGBT Pride festival. In its fourth year, the festival hosts a series of events across Counties Sligo and Leitrim in acts of solidarity with rural Ireland’s gay community.

“There is a trend now in Ireland where gay people are leaving the big cities and returning to their rural roots,” said 10-year Easkey resident Denise Clarke,

“It is no longer a necessity to run off to Dublin or London or Manchester to ‘come out’. As a society we have moved on and are more broadminded and accepting.”



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