How Green is Paradise

Published August 13, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

FACTBOX: Australia’s carbon footprint | Reuters

How green is paradise, since the advent of the industrial revolution, we have been consumed by capitalist greed.  In this timeframe, we have pursued economic profit, through the relentless consumption of limited resources, with little if any consideration of the long-term consequences. This may explain why we have reached a critical point in our history in facing a climatic crisis. Admittedly, in the last 30 years we have seen significant changes with greater consideration given by government and business towards global stewardship. This shift may be due in part to the increasing influences of Green Politics, who have been able to better articulate an ecologically informed political agenda.

Today the Australian Senate voted on an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) put forward by the Rudd Government to manage climate change, which was defeated. The government lost 42 votes to 30. was interesting for a number of reasons i.e.

Climate change:

  • Government – it is a reality and we need to do something about it now
  • Conservatives – it may or may not exist
  • Liberals – it exists
  • Greens – It is a reality

How do we address Climate Change?

  • Government by cutting emissions, develop renewable fuels and grow a green economy
  • Conservatives do nothing
  • Liberals we can do very little to affect climate change but we support development of renewable fuels and in growing a green economy
  • Greens – we need to be proactive actively develop renewable fuels and grow a green economy

Australia’s response:

  • Government – be pro-active
  • Conservatives – do nothing, especially if it means a threat to living standards or the economy
  • Liberals – wait and see what major nations ie USA do and take our lead from them
  • Greens – be pro-active

Political tactics:

  • Government – high stakes poker with a schoolyard bully tone
  • Conservatives – Henny Penny
  • Liberals – Henny Penny with a you need to do it our way
  • Greens – government pandering to big end of town

Reason for defeat:

  • Government the opposition was playing politics and mounting a an oppositional politics for the sake of it.
  • Conservatives – it is inherently flawed
  • Liberals – it is inherently flawed
  • Greens –  it is inherently flawed

On this Legislation:

  • Government this is the best we can come up with, even if it needs some details that need work although we are open to negotiation
  • Conservatives – it is simply a tax grab and would lead to a financial crisis
  • Liberals – it is inherently flawed and the Government should adopt our plan
  • Greens – it is inherently flawed , it needs to go further and we are open to negotiation


  • Government – we will be back
  • Conservatives –  Back to the future – we will vote it down again
  • Liberals – we are open but it has to be done our way
  • Greens – meet with us


Global Warming


We need to show respect for the planet as its stewards and start paying the debut back

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