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Social Inclustion: A Queer Australian Issue

Published August 23, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

After reading a blog entry by the Rainbow Reporter where he gives some commentary on LGBT issues, and the Rudd Government’s Social Inclusion Agenda especially on his disappointment concerning this matter. Before proceeding this Government is a classic 3rd way Labor centralist regime in the Australian Liberal Democratic tradition with a work is welfare mentality.  Their Social Inclusion Agenda reflects that position, it is heavy on rhetoric funnelled towards maintaining the workforce. Further to this, it seems there is some consideration of issues affecting indigenous peoples and people from non-English speaking background.  However based on the record of accomplishment of previous administrations although overall it is about economic disadvantage and how Government and its’ collaborates can better address related issues i.e. poverty, housing, health and education/training.

How does this relate to the LGBTI issues specifically Government seems silent? The author does highlight three points that really need further consideration in his commentary.

  • Apparent limited availability of Australian social research on Qmunity issues
  • A need for better Qmunity consultation and increased representation
  • There is a need for greater consideration of Issues faced by Qmunity youth

I do not agree with the casual racial analysis of the taskforces membership by the author however I do agree that there are significant issues still to be addressed.