100 Ways To Live A Better Life

Published August 24, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

100 Ways To Live A Better Life

My Top 30

1. Accept Your Mistakes

In accepting out humanity, we can grow. In accepting our mistakes is the only way to make them disappear.

2. Build Self Discipline

Self-discipline is a facilitator for many things in life. It is hard to get but great to have.

3. Keep a Journal

Write down your feelings, your ideas, your goals, and your activity.

4. Find Reasons to Agree

In finding common ground with others, you may find even more allies than enemies.

6. Start a Blog

Blog it, giver breath to your passion in being creative

7. Be Better, Not Perfect

Accept your humanity strive to improve who you are by being better at what you do.

8. Stop Self-Sabotage

We can nurture our sense of failure by not having a go. Stop it.

9. Try Something New

Success comes from having a go & learning from any mistakes.

10. Stop Wasting Your Power

Be creative and constructive through your actions

11. Recycle Your Aggression

Aggression is an energy that can be used to drive your passion

12. Stop Being Judgemental

Accept others & you will learn to accept yourself

13. Say Something Nice To You

Self validation – reaffirms your self worth

14. Don’t Argue, Win or Lose

Work towards seeking the middle ground of consensus

15. Define Goals

In having defined aims & objects, you have a road map for life

16. Help Others

In giving to others, we can find meaning for you

17. Spend Some Time Alone

In being comfortable with our self, we find the foundations for every other relationship we have

18. Stop Complaining

Act to address the issue, criticism is an observation that needs action not words  

19. Laugh

Is the music of life it nurtures the soul and opens many hearts & doors?

20. Go with Passion

Is the fuel for the soul, we can find greater meaning in life when going with our passion

21. Trust Your Emotions

They give you feedback on any situation

22. Stop Being a Follower

Be yourself and go with your strengths in leading through example

23. Watch Your Beliefs

Self-awareness is the first step towards changing your beliefs, which shape your life

24. Stop Lying

Be honest with yourself and others

25. Stop Reacting To Stuff

Always respond in a reasoned way to things

26. Live Today

Living in the present or here and now, often we are stuck by

27. Expect the Unexpected

Attitude is everything the unexpected is an opportunity waiting to grab

28. Enjoy

Do what you enjoy & enjoy what you do

29. Love


30. Get Rid Of Labels

Things are what they are. Do not use labels anymore, use directly the things?

31. No Regrets

Regret best left in the pass and not brought into the present

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