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9/11 – Eighth Anniversary

Published September 11, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

In life there are many events that stand out, some more significant than others, the September 11 attacks rank among these. On this the eighth anniversary memories of that day came flooding back the ‘Where were you?’ question being the first. I awoke in a motel room in turned on the television to watch a News bulletin, which is my daily habit. The vision of a plan flying into a skyscraper, I was shocked by what I saw and being CNN the replayed the clip which seemed to make it even worse. I hate morning at the best of times but nothing was making sense this day I asked myself ‘was this really happening’.   Then I rang home and Mum said yes it was happening and she filled me in on earlier event, after the call I continued watching the News until I had to leave for an early lecture that morning. I knew this was a significant event and at some level shared in the dread of uncertainty it meant for humanity.

This entry is to remember those who died and the loss this means for their family friends and the community in which they lived.

The healing journey goes on and hope springs eternal

War Against Terror (CNN Special Report)