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UN General Assemberly

Published September 25, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Currently the 64 th General Assembly of the UN is in session the world’s political elite have gathered in New York.

If we are to offer genuine hope to the hopeless, if we are to truly turn the corner to economic recovery, then we must do so for all nations and for all people. So much is possible if we work together. Together, we are here to take risks, to assume the burden of responsibility, to rise to an exceptional moment, to make history. by Ban

Rudd (AUST) – the Capitalist Eco Warrior – Speech

Obama (USA)   ‘Yes We Can’ (International Version) – Speech

Gaddafi (Libya) – 90 minutes of waffle – Speech

Netanyahu (Israel) – in defending the victim tag – Speech

Chavez (Venezuela) – Viva la Revolution – Speech

When old men gather to solve problems they are more likely to cause more problems than they seek to address