Kev 07 Has Moved to the Backbench

Published July 9, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

Two weeks seems a lifetime in politics on the 24 June 2010, Kevin Rudd fell on his political sword for the sake of the party. Some may argue a man of honour who saw the writing on the wall, the Caucus elected Julia Gillard to the position of federal leader of the Australian Labor Party and therefore the 27th Prime Minister of Australia. Ms Gillard also became our first women to hold the second highest office in the land as head of government.  This was not without a dash of shock and awe besides the goings of the faction bosses, a party dumped a first term PM. The reasoning for this action a laundry list of both policy and program failures:

Where did Rudd Fail?

  • Consulting widely then ignoring the advice
  • .in pursuing the news cycle rather than managing it
  • Policy on the run without consideration of reasonable checks and balances
  • Keeping your friends close and ignoring everybody else

You could nominate all of the above plus others.

Rudd’s failure is symptomatic of how Labor traded its core values and beliefs for political convenience in becoming another insipid conservative party.

Gillard seemingly is not fairing much better than her predecessor did with little gains in the polls and more knee jerk policies

Ms Gilard righ wing puppet?

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