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One egg don’t make an Omelette

Published July 10, 2010 by Michael C Leeson


Today an individual decided he would egg Gillard, the assailant being a man may explain his juvenile behaviour. However, why would one do such an act otherwise, if you have a problem with public policy then become politically informed and active in seeking change. One of the most common mistakes made being that politicians have some insight on the issues faced by working class people, they don’t. Rather coming mostly from ruling class backgrounds by birth or through personal achievement, these pseudo demigods live in la la land where others do the menial tasks of life. While they (politicians) preoccupy their day with double speak, looking good and being seen to do good deeds. Politics seems to be a popularity contest for ugly people and their obsession with power over others. Sadly, representational democracy seems to be the best form of government and a Constitutional monarchy the most stable but don’t look for equity here.

What are the alternatives?