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Election 2010

Published July 17, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

PM announces, Australia will go to the polls on 21 August, after visit to Governor General this morning. This early call was not unexpected for the purposes of political expedience Gillard being recently elected to the post in supposedly seeking an electoral mandate for her policy agenda and to capitalise on her supposed honeymoon period as a new leader. There is nothing wrong with either motive listed above rather it highlights her political astuteness. In clarifying this election was due and traditionally they are called in the second half of the year before their due, therefore no surprises.

GillardAustralian Labor Party – Moving Forward

  • Economic Reform
  • Educational Reform
  • Climate Change (?)

Game on for winter election

AbbotLiberal Party – Standing up for real action

  • Trust v failure
  • Economy over environment
  • End waste ($)

Change of government

It seems to be a little early for a 1-term opposition to be mounting a “time for change” campaign especially when the economic policies of the current administration has steered us through an economic tsunami. Especially, when one could argue many of the policy planks espoused by Labor & the Coalition share much common ground of the centre-right.   Equally, it makes little difference who wins this election there will be no significant change as both major parties sing from a similar hymnbook. The coalition for real action seems contra to their conservative tradition and Labor’s moving forward seeks to reflect a progressive position is inconsistent with some of its policy agenda.

The only alternative would seem to  be a vote for The Greens?