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Election 2010 & ghosts of policies past

Published July 20, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

Getting the message out

Gillard V Abbot

Industrial Relations

Workchoices V Fair Work Australia

It seems the ghost of Workchoices still haunts the Coalition as possibly the number 1 reason they lost office in 2007.  The Conservatives readily distance themselves from this deeply unpopular piece of legislation that in the main stripped away basic worker’s rights and conditions in favour of the employees. In a radio interview ON 3AW yesterday Abbot signed a symbolic death certificate (video) stating that Workchoices is dead cremated and buried.  It seems he had his own ‘never ever’ moment, the question here being, is it gospel truth, or talking off the top of his head?

While the PM has been kissing babies and seemingly staying on track with her message, reflected in current polling.

Election 2010 on New Media

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