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Oh Scrooge beware the ghost of future elections

Published July 21, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

It seems the Coalition focus is back on penny pinching, a long tradition of conservatives to drain the public purse while propping up the private sector. I watched Joe Hockey’s rant about Labor’s waste of public monies and that under a Coalition government they would slash this waste. If their record of accomplishment is, anything to go by they may save money only at the expense of  public services. Yes a Coalition  government is a kin to Scrooge of a Christmas Carol all about profit (budget surplus) for its own sake and little about the lives of people.

the Coalition angry white men,   ill discipline & back to the future politics

Not-so-jolly Hockey sticks it to ‘Paris’ Swan

Joe the blow hard, why is this man so angry, I understand political opposition but Hockey takes it to a new level. The gaffe made above highlights the depth this bloke will go to score political points, why this ill discipline maybe the downfall of the Coalition.  During the time of this current parliament the Conservatives have mounted an oppositional politics for its own sake evoking many an historical political ghost in questioning Labour’s ability to govern. While within the Liberal’s ranks they have dispatched 2 leaders (Nelson & Turnbull) out of political connivance and in retaining a deputy (Bishop) whose credibility is highly questionable. In electing Abbot they have returned to the hard right of Howard a Zen master of political smoke & mirrors. I recently watched a documentary called “Liberal Rule”, which looked at how the  “bully pulpit of the Prime Minister” help spread his message about trade unions, Australian history, Indigenous politics, multiculturalism, consumer choice and education reform”. It seems Abbott has learn well off his old master as can be seen by the stacking of his front bench with Howard warhorses.

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