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How green is my policy?

Published July 23, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

“Moving forward together on Climate Change”

Climate change

Market economy – market based mechanism

Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

Carbon tax Carbon capture & storage Emissions trading scheme

Renewable energy

Climate Change Commission?

150 person Citizen’s Assembly – seeking  Community consensus through a 12mth consultation process

Incentives for early action from business and industry

Today Labor announced its climate change policy full of fluffy language and restatements of old positions, except an aim to seek community rather than political consensus. The bones of this framework are based on the CPRS, which Rudd took to the last election and seemingly gained an electoral mandate to implement, but did not. Inevitably, someone will have to bit the proverbial bullet and move beyond the talk fests of consensus building to provide a green alternative to the carbon guzzling one we now have.  It is the environmental vandalism perpetrated by Capitalist upon the planet is something new at some point we will all have to pay for this abuse.  In Gillard’s own words

“that the price of inaction is too high a price for our country to pay. The price of inaction is a price ultimately that our country will not be able to afford” this may be the bottom line. However, this policy seems more consistent with the inaction she seeks to reflect upon in this quote.

Political smoke & mirrors

Coalition – No Carbon Tax

The Greens policy positions

Can we really afford the inherent Capitalist debt, in its abuse of the planet?

We need action Now?