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Published August 5, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

The Week in Brief

The Federal Campaign

Which by-line to choose

  • Abbott the real honest bloke verses the real Julia Gillard Stand up? It is sometimes better to keep your mouth shut and not prove how big a fool you really are to people especially when you listen to media advisors.
  • How much more pork can I put on my fork? Promises promises promises
  • Media generated Kev07’s political assassination story – Rudd called the caucus meeting then declined the ballot – where is it an assassination? It is called democratic process.
  • Me too plus some politicking – is there really any difference between either major party other than some pseudo-ideological positioning or window dressing
  • Abbot I want a debate Gillard no, a week later Gillard I want a debate, Abbot no.
  • Why do Conservatives always grow a social conscious in opposition that quickly wethers away when in office
  • Green Launch Election Campaign – never seen Brown so animated with the possibility of the Greens holding Senate balance after 21st Aug ballot may be motivation enough
  • In search for leadership and true visionaries – Australian politics is dead, now populated by mediocre public servants, lawyers and shopkeepers pretending to be politicians.
  • Conservative Liberal Democracy the greatest moral treat we face

Prop8 hits a constitutional brick wall 05/08/10 (CNN)

Californian Federal Judge rules Prop8 to be unconstitutional under 14th amendment

Proposition 8: Long road to the Supreme Court

California Proposition 8 (2008) – the basics

It is ridicules that in the land of the free where democratic principles are enshrined in a document that many seek to interpret and few actually read they seek to discriminate against some. All I can add is my congratulations to those who continue the fight to advance the cause of social acceptance, and legal recognition of people’s rights to be themselves in the community where they live. It seems Conservatives whose narrow and selective view on life advocate for equality when it suites their political agenda. Their interpretation and often misinterpretation of both the US constitution and Bible seem frequently to reflect this position.  The only commentary I can give on these two documents being that they like all human projects, they echo the historical and social times in which they were written. This position does not seek to minimise the core values of either document because of their humanistic focus, rather it questions the political opportunism of some.

Game On

There’s no oil in them waters, well not much on day

I am still amazed that the Administration sat back on their hands while BP tried everything including alienating the American people to address a case of simple mismanagement .

Happy Birthday Mr President

USA - Politics - President Obama Holding Birthday Card

Best Wishes