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Political assignation, the ladder of sour grapes

Published August 8, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

It seems the ghosts of also ran former leaders is a plague on the house of Labor, this media generated story about Kev07 & Markthe Ladder’ Latham.

Kev07 bites the political bullet for the sake of the party.

The Kev07 political assignation story is still fresh in the minds of the electorate especially in Queensland his home state. This seems strange because of widespread criticism of Government policy and program failures that lead up to the caucus spill on 23 June 2010, now hypocrisy seems prevalent in some quarters.

Latham slide down the political ladder with freshly crushed sour grapes to suck on at the bottom.

The Latham seems to be fuelling a level of excitement in a rather dull and stage-managed campaign. His star seems to be on the ascendance once more even if only as a media celebrity, rather than as a serious political operative.  This sees the campaign remain a policy news free zone with journalists focusing on these two former leaders as potential sources of stories to pad out the 24hr News cycle.

It is time for these chooks to stop clucking and scratching around in the shit and start reporting the News rather than focusing on editorial spin