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Dawson a story of the lame and the lost

Published August 15, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

In seven days, I can elect a government

So on the 21st of Australia goes to the ballot to elect a government to lead us for the next 3yrs at stake retro Howardism or modern Labor full of centralist indecision. It is a matter of choice between going backwards or treading water, featuring an insipid uninspiring party hacks and union stooges. When will someone stand up and show some leadership vision, beyond the grey shopkeeper’s profit margin.  What happened to the passion to enable people to live in a civil society rather than one obsessed over profit for profit sake, which seems to be the case here?

In our local derby of Dawson, we have the following candidates

Mike BrunkerALP – the Doer

George ChristensenLNP – Waa Waa

Jonathon DykyjGreens – the Warrior

Damian HerringtonFFP – Mr Tea & Tidy no naught bits I am a Christian

Bill IngreyCEC – the Bomber

Pick your poison

Just wake me for  breakfast on Sunday