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Labor lost this election

Published August 22, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

It seems the trend for hung parliaments or minority governments continues, Australia faces this situation for the first time in 60 odd years. While Labor obviously lost this election, the conservative should not take any solace from this outcome because they did not win either. The puppeteer master of the mad monk has not delivered anything near a majority, instead it seems the Greens and independents will be kingmakers. The games start now with the question which party has the skills to negotiate a real coalition and not some simple marriage of political necessity because they come from the same church.


It is time to vacate the centre ground and return to their socialist roots, to mount a truly red oppositional position and not some insipid shade of blue.  People look for an alternative and if you put a policy agenda forward, that is identical to your opponents then whom are you running against. The right wing has no place in Labor its 30 year reign needs to be ended, let the bloodletting begin make the axe sharp and the aim accurate dispatch the NSW right to the pages of history.


It is time your time to start acting like a real political party and negotiate, cease the eternal antics of take the false high moral ground of our way or no way. If you continue in the vane of previous years, you too will find yourself in the same dustbin as the democrats a spent force. The flames of power are bright and enticing but beware, as Meg Lees found out its burn can prove fatal.

When our romance with Liberal-democracy ends is the day democracy will be born a new without the spectre of feudalism like a phoenix from the ashes.