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A plague on both your houses

Published August 23, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

The sky fell on both major parties, but I am not sure if they got the message, the electorate is sick of politics as usual. Nether major party has a mandate or legitimacy to form government this is not a matter of simple numbers as the informal vote was up too. It would seem the electorate has lost its trust in this petulant batch of schoolyard bullies, who talk and claim to hear what people say but do they really listen let alone take action other than to prop up the big end of town. .

No more, yes Prime Minister or yes was that  Supreme Leader

For example

  • Unfulfilled campaign promises
  • Wasted mandates
  • Incompetent implementation of service
  • Promoting a litany of nanny state legislation
  • Pandering to big business and commercial interests
  • Structuring health and education systems to meet the needs of industry stakeholders rather than the community’s

Etc, etc, etc

The question here is to these politicians is whom do you really seek to serve, the people or invested interest groups?

I hear Gillard’s message of stable and effective government, but what does that look like in a simplistic game of political one-upmanship.

How about consensus as a new political concept