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Tinker, Tailor, and Head kicker

Published August 24, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

The head kicking mad monk has just put himself up, as the model for a consensus driven Australian politics however, when is Intransience a definition for consensus.  While fielding media question Abbott seemed closed to any changes in his policy agenda, his only concession it seems is some tinkering around parliamentary reform according to him he has always supported, paternalism don’t you just love it. It is obvious this Neanderthal still thinks that he has all the answers to the questions, challenges and issues facing Australia in the tailored policy agenda he has put together in turning this country into some conservative Liberal democracy a shopkeeper’s utopia. However, Abbott does not get the message that he did not win anything on Saturday, the electorate sent a clear message they do not trust either the Coalition or Labor. This result even points to the electorate’s confidence in the effectiveness of the system, some are now talking about consensus politics and what that horse may look like.

Consensus politics can relate to

Consensus Democracy is the application of consensus decision-making to the process of legislation in a democracy


Consensus Government or government by Committee – non-partisan government

It would be the end of party politics, which may be a good thing

Oh, these are strange and interesting days when the political establishment faced with a quandary of their own making seems challenged.

The wash up

Published August 24, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

Government ?

Who are these faceless men?

Labor –who assassinated Kev07?

Bill Shorten

Mark Arbib

Among others


Bob Katter

Rob Oakeshott

Tony Windsor

All three are ex-national party

firsts for Parliament of Australia

House of representatives

Wyatt RoyLNP – 20 yrs old – youngest person elected to parliament

Adam BandtThe Greens – first member of that party directly elected

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Disappointing result for Maxine McKew 1st term loss

Good-bye Wilson Tuckey you raving right wing loony

George Christensen Dawson’s own right wing loony