Entertaining dangerous ideas

Published October 5, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

qanda at The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

How often do you engage with an idea, which has an element of controversy about it, which inevitably challenges your worldview? Sadly, I tend to do this on a regular basis to question what is or the status quo and ask why not.

topics covered

Institutional abuse – prosecution of The Pope for crimes against humanity  – the Vatican’s response or lack thereof to the abuse of children by priests

Euthanasia – whether or not to codify death

Same Sex marriage – privilege or right

US – world power or spent force

Terrorism – The politics of fear or justifiable threat

Parental Anxiety Disorder – protecting the kids or teaching the kids to be safe


While each of us has an opinion some informed by humanistic or religious philosophies the significance here is giving ourselves permission to question.  There is never an issue for taking a position other than that somewhere along the road somebody may ask you to qualify it. Then if you fall back to an unreasonable position for example because I have always believed so, your credibility maybe questioned.

I believe an open mind equates to a health balanced mind

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