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Mr Cameron your a bludger

Published November 9, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

It seems the Conservative UK government has discovered work for the dole or a version there of, where those receiving unemployment benefits are required to undertake unpaid work. The plan here sees benefit recipients expected to undertake a 30 hr week for 4 weeks (?) with no additional payment to mitigate costs incurred by the individual. This means the supposed employer gets free labour for a time, what does this may mean.

A false reporting of unemployment statistic, this always looks good for an incompetent government

Capital again given a free ticket by government

A drop in wages & workplace conditions, why pay someone when you can get labour for free

An expectation that people on limited income incur additional costs without an appropriate level of compensation for a day’s work

Who’s a little bludger now Mr Cameron

All people seek is a fair days wage for a fair days work

Bubba goes to Washington

Published November 9, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

The mid-term results seem disappointing especially, after the Bush years,

Some themes & commentary

Conservatives are the party of free enterprise, what about monopoly capitalism? – The State through its operation seeks to perpetuate economic monopolies hence, neutralising competition.

They hold to the free market as a tenet of faith. However, it is a qualified observance shaped by i.e. neoconservative, economic liberalism, liberal democracy

Arguing for the end of the welfare state rather they promote Charity whose victims litter the pages of history

Fiscal responsibility, what about the GFC which evolved over the past 30 yrs during the reigns of the great senile one, Geo I, Clinton & Geo II the Tsars of lassie-faire capitalism and economic rationalist perspectives

Social illiterates – no sense of community –– obsessed with individualism – we live in a society whose social system is at best morally bankrupt

Low tax & Small government –  Bush years some contradictions here

trickle-down economics – government pandering to the elite

Romanising dated social institutions – how relevant is marriage in the 21st century – While it may represent the vestiges of heterosexist hegemony, now threatened by those queers.

The Tea Party – Geo II fan club – a rag tag band of right wing loonies pretending it is the 17th century – We had our own version One Nation about 10 years ago offering simple answers on complex issues, it too had some electoral success but imploded under the weight of leadership egos.

Immigration issue – economic down turn – unemployment – fortress mentality –  hyper-nationalism –  a volatile mix and fertile ground for loonies of all persuasions especially the right