Mr Cameron your a bludger

Published November 9, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

It seems the Conservative UK government has discovered work for the dole or a version there of, where those receiving unemployment benefits are required to undertake unpaid work. The plan here sees benefit recipients expected to undertake a 30 hr week for 4 weeks (?) with no additional payment to mitigate costs incurred by the individual. This means the supposed employer gets free labour for a time, what does this may mean.

A false reporting of unemployment statistic, this always looks good for an incompetent government

Capital again given a free ticket by government

A drop in wages & workplace conditions, why pay someone when you can get labour for free

An expectation that people on limited income incur additional costs without an appropriate level of compensation for a day’s work

Who’s a little bludger now Mr Cameron

All people seek is a fair days wage for a fair days work


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