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The 2011 Shake

Published April 18, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

North Queensland hit by a 5.2M earthquake some 60km West of Bowen, the quake hit at about 15:30 on Saturday 16/04/11. Residents from the Cassowary Coast Region  in the north through to Sarina in the south and out to Charters Towers in the west were affected. The event whilst nowhere near the strength of recent events in Christchurch (NZ) or Japan  is something different for NQ residents. There has been no report of damage to person or property from the NQ event other than the shock to residents after a summer of momentous flooding and a mega-cyclone.

My experience of the event was as a minor tremor lasting some 30 seconds that saw the house shake and windows rattle nothing OTT.

Aftershocks rock north Queensland (ABC-tv exp 16/07/11)