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The Wedding

Published April 29, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

Today around the world people, celebrate the wedding of

HRH Prince William of Wales


Miss Catherine Middleton

Best wishes

The Official Royal Wedding photographs


The Republic of Australia

Published April 29, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

The question of an Australian Republic

From time to time people seek to mount a case for Australia to become a republic their reasoning rarely has anything to do with effective government.  As it seems the current model  has served us well in the provision of relatively stable government since federation. The Australian people have rejected this question in several referendums for various reasons the last in 1999.

Points of argument

To sever remaining ties with Britain and become an independent country?

The Constitution of Australia (PDF)  The Constitution of  Australian (HTML)

Time line

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK)

Royal Commission of Assent  1900 (UK)

Royal and Parliamentary Titles Act 1927 (UK)

Statute of Westminster 1931 (UK)

Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 (Cth)

Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948 (Cth)

Australia Act 1986 (UK) Australia Act 1986 (Cth)

Documenting Democracy

This has already happened

Calls for an Australian Head of State

The role of head of state of Australia is divided between two people, the Queen of Australia and the Governor-General of Australia, who is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister of Australia. Though in many respects the Governor-General is the Queen’s representative, and exercises various constitutional powers in her name, the office is independently vested with many important constitutional powers by the Constitution.

Confusion about appointment of Head of State

Direct – elected by popular vote – political mandate – separation of executive branch – another lay of government – with separate mandate – powers of PM – would a politician really cede power?

Indirect – parliamentary appointment – political puppet?

If the system works, why fix it?

Carnival Barkers and sideshows

Published April 29, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

A message for Carnival Barkers & sideshows

Press briefing 27/04/11

Remarks by the President

(James S. Brady Press Briefing Room White House)

The White House Blog

President Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate

(Posted by Dan Pfeiffer on April 27, 2011 at 08:57 AM EDT)

President Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate (PDF)

 Certification of Live Birth (PDF).(release 2008)