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Published April 17, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

The recent plethora of natural disasters may be a message to those promoting and perpetrating abuse for the sake of capitalist greed. Indigenous peoples over time have sort to achieve a balance in their stewardship of country. Europeans over a short period have actively engaged in the rape of country in pursuing profit for its own sake. A fact is that we cannot eat, drink, or breathe profit and at some point, we will have to pay for the actions of these corporations As it seems these corporations have no intent of impinging on their own profit margins. Here you have naive corporations that abuse the planet and humanity for profit without little consideration of any consequences for their behaviour Greed is not good it is more about egos sustainability is the answer living within our means and paying our way.


Published April 15, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

I am tired or am getting too old to listen to the recycled rhetoric of Neanderthal politicians, from Gillard, Abbott, Cameron and even Obama. They all sound the same espousing the pro-capitalist line in defaming people on low income as a burden on society. Somehow, people on low incomes including those on income support do not enjoy the same social status as others and of course, it is this groups fault. Yes, it smacks of yank individualism, which by default overlooks how the system shapes people’s lives both directly and indirectly. Eventually, what you have is victim blaming and scapegoating, no attempt to address personal or social need just political point scoring.


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