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Published May 12, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

The week of three frying speeches

Canberra for the most part this week was preoccupied with the 2011-2012 budgets announcement, today this entry provides a brief summary with relevant links for those who may find it of interest.  On Tuesday (10/05) saw Wayne Swan, our articulate Federal treasure deliver his third fiscally responsible budget, which some commentators describe as “Lean but Not Mean”.  In preliminary media commentary, the Treasure and other ministers whined about the need for a tight budget requiring deep cuts to ensure a return to surplus as planned in 2012-2013. Alternately, they made several announcements that best described as policy sweeteners to defuse the growing fear among some sectors about these same potential cuts.  The reality was a little different according to most commentators an evidently balanced budget emerging from the final wash up.

Welfare to work or is work welfare?

Wayne Swan: 2011-12 Budget Speech  (Video)

Wayne Swan: National Press Club Address, Budget 2011-12, Part 1 & Part 2

Deputy PM  & Treasure

Selling the budget –

Australian Labor  (News)

Mental Health

A comprehensive analysis of the budget’s mental health announcements by Crikey

Social Services

Federal budget 2011-12: Initial ACOSS analysis (PDF)

Australian Council of Social Services

As is our parliamentary tradition, Tony Abbott (The Coalition) and Bob Brown (The Greens) both made replies to the government’s budget later in the week (12/05).

Abbot’s reply (video) smarting middle-aged white man beaten by a woman

  Brown’s reply (video) a progressive approach