Rainbows and Dinosaurs

Published December 4, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

At the Australian Labor Party’s 46th National Conference in Sydney today (03/12/11) they took a step towards full acknowledgement of marriage equality. Before you ask this does not mean the Gillard Government will seek to amend the Marriage Act in the New Year because she does not support marriage equality. Some backbencher will more than likely move a private member’s bill or the Greens will take action to move this issue forward. However, it matter not because according to the Xspurts any such measure will fail because today Gillard gave herself an out clause in securing a conscience vote. In these circumstances government member are not bound to follow the party line but enter a vote according to their personal position. Hence, the adoption of the Barr/Wong Amendment today in changing the party’s platform to support marriage equality is all but meaningless. Now with Gillard busy trying to retain power she has no guts to stand-up and fight for social equality hence she swallows without question the bigotry perpetuated by the right. 

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