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Published December 30, 2012 by Michael C Leeson

I have been called many things in life however today I had a person I once respected for the position she took on many social issues verbal me. In my brief conversation with Ms  Marcia Langton, I was accused of being a racist ignorant to the issue of violence against women. During this conversation I invited Ms Langton to read this blog but received a spray of sarcasm and disrespect instead. In the past I have thought Ms Langton to be an intelligent and articulate woman who gave voice to social issues now I believe her to be simply rude. The only way things change is through conversations all this particular conversation left me confused and offended.

In clarifying I agree in principle with Ms Langton commentary on various social issues   however her unqualifiedirrational personal attack on me was no more than blatant bullying a form of violence.

To Anon

at no time in my conversation with Ms Langton did I criticise her position so I am unclear how you came to your conclusion. let alone the need for you to personal attack me.