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Published December 30, 2012 by Michael C Leeson

I have been called many things in life however today I had a person I once respected for the position she took on many social issues verbal me. In my brief conversation with Ms  Marcia Langton, I was accused of being a racist ignorant to the issue of violence against women. During this conversation I invited Ms Langton to read this blog but received a spray of sarcasm and disrespect instead. In the past I have thought Ms Langton to be an intelligent and articulate woman who gave voice to social issues now I believe her to be simply rude. The only way things change is through conversations all this particular conversation left me confused and offended.

In clarifying I agree in principle with Ms Langton commentary on various social issues   however her unqualifiedirrational personal attack on me was no more than blatant bullying a form of violence.

To Anon

at no time in my conversation with Ms Langton did I criticise her position so I am unclear how you came to your conclusion. let alone the need for you to personal attack me.

Claire Carey

Published December 16, 2012 by Michael C Leeson

Claire Carey

1962 -2006

A beloved friend, colleague and collaborator

an intelligent, articulate compassionate and passionate woman

A Feminist

A queer voice in a str8 world

A survivor of violence against women by men

A Radical Social Worker

An advocate for Justice in the social action tradition

Murdered by a MAN

Marriage Equality – UK

Published December 12, 2012 by Michael C Leeson

On the 11 Dec 2012 the Minister for Women and Equalities Maria Miller


Following a Government consultation, legislation allowing same-sex marriage will be brought forward next year. The proposals are designed to create watertight protections for religious organisations that do not want to conduct same-sex marriages, but will allow them to ‘opt in’ if they so choose.”

Marriage for everyone – Government sets out plan for equal marriage



Pink News

The People Speak

Published December 10, 2012 by Michael C Leeson


The People Speak was inspired by Howard Zinn’s groundbreaking books “A People’s History of the United States” and “Voices of a People’s History of the United States. I watched this documentary last night showcasing the voices of dissent, which have motivated social change across the ages in America. One could argue this is the real  history of democracy in challenging the privileged elite’s sanitized version. Today there are still many people seeking justice and equality demonized by the minions of the privileged few.  

On the Eve

Published November 6, 2012 by Michael C Leeson

Here we stand on the eve of the election waiting with baited breath hoping with all hope that tomorrow does not bring a conservative win. I without shame hope that Obama is victorious and his opponent is dispatched to the annuls of history where he belongs. It is now in the hands of the voters and I am certain they will see that conservative for what he is an empty vessel.   

I know what my family is worth

Published May 15, 2012 by Michael C Leeson

It was one of those priceless moments in life when some sanctimonious conservative politician had his own words slapped across his face.  Hockey looked stunned when Penny said I know what my family is worth, he seemingly realised that his bigoted remarks actually hurt someone he knew. Until that point, I think he believed it to be some grand philosophical debate and being an Anglo-European Christian man   took the high moral ground in defending his privileged position. Joe words hurt even more than sticks and stones because broken bones mend eventually.


We all name our own family it has little to do with gender, and more with the members outlook in nurturing each other to become the best they can. They provide us with unconditional love and acceptance, which enables us to grow through life in dealing with life issues and in making the world a better place. 

The transcript from QandA (14/05/12)


ROSS SCHEEPERS: Yeah, my question is for Joe Hockey. Joe, I’m a little confused because earlier you said you think all Australians are equal but on Friday you said you wouldn’t vote for marriage equality because you really believe children deserve a mother and a father. So I’m wondering if you could tell us and Senator Wong why you think you and Melissa make better parents than her and Sophie.

JOE HOCKEY: Well, I don’t believe we necessarily make better parents because we’re a male and female. I must confess my view has changed since I’ve had children and that’s very hard and lot of my friends, whether they be heterosexual or gay, they hold the same view as you. But I think in this life we’ve got to aspire to give our children what I believe to be the very best circumstances and that’s to have a mother and a father and I’m not saying that – I’m not saying gay parents are any lesser parents but I am being asked to legislate in favour of something that I don’t believe to be the best outcome for a child.

TONY JONES: Penny Wong?

PENNY WONG: Well, there’s almost nothing I can say. I think the first logical point is marriage has generally not been prerequisite for children, so I don’t think, you know, the logical position holds but just from a sort of values perspective, it is sad, I think, that some families have to feel that they have to justify who they are because when you say those things, Joe, what you’re saying to not just me but people like me is that the most important thing in our lives, which is the people we love, is somehow less good, less valued, and if you believe that then you believe that but I have a different view.

TONY JONES: Is it hurtful?

PENNY WONG: Of course, it is but, you know, I know what my family is worth.


I am Ruppy

Published April 26, 2012 by Michael C Leeson

I know noth’n, I know noth’n, I known noth’n

It was someone else, I trusted them

I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry,

They declared war on me

I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry

It is only sour grapes

It was somebody else, I trusted them

It was the NOW the SUN has a different culture