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Matthew Gallaway: The GLBT Washington Bridge Project

Published June 28, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Matthew Gallaway: The GLBT Washington Bridge Project

Please follow the link it is a brilliant piece of poetry, that speaks to the writer’s personal view on life. The piece includes a number of pictures that ad some colour, but the text paints a better picture than any camera could. It is our story both as individuals and a community,  in that we may seek acceptance, but sometimes we think about how it could have been and then realise we only won’t to be who we are as human beings.

TThe GLBT Washington Bridge Project

Happy ‘Pride’ every1!
Feel like a better word might b ‘relief’ tho
If u think how much ‘shittier’ life would b if u were str8
I’m not saying u have 2 ‘suck ___’ or whatevs 2 b ‘geigh’
It’s more like a way of looking at the world
And not being afraid 2 see it through ‘different eyes’ (via heavy ‘satch’ on photoshop)
And 2 tell ur ‘truth’ (via Richard Rorty)
It’s kinda like whether u wanna b ‘mainstm or alt’ (via Carles)

Sometimes wish I could have been more main$tream
And worked at Goldman/AIG/JP Morgan
So I could have ‘chilled in the burbs’ and believed in god/capitalism (via Costco)
Instead of feeling like a ‘fggt/foreigner’ in my own country (via life in Wahi/Prez Obama)

But don’t want 2 have 2 many regrets
Just want 2 own my past
2 make it seem like I ‘willed it’
Instead of the other way around

Do you recognise this story?