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Published June 5, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

Barnum & Bailey have nothing on the three-ring circus that is Australian politics in a recent piece titled Courage and cowardice in politics the@rainbowreporter shares some commentary on how the greatest show in Canberra may shape Queer Oz.

In ring 1, bring on the bumbling or was that brawling clowns Abbott, Hockey and Turnbull vying for centre ring with some subtle and not so subtle pie throwing or are they grenades. This trio seem looked in some to the death competition for the Conservative leadership while putting on the mask of party unity which often slips in showing their real intent. The Clown Posse has no real leadership other than that motivated by personal interest this is a policy free zone obsessed with oppositional politics for its own sake.

In the centre ring, it is the PM trying to manage a team of prancing ponies with competing interests her intent is not that obvious in its execution. Her words and actions seem not that coordinated, leaving the audience somewhat bemused by her intent. Standing there in the middle it seems the ponies have the whip and a bridled Gillard endeavours to perform a range of tricks. Gillard does not seem to have the political skills and fortitude to manage these competing interests being dependent on the factional powerbrokers, regional independents and Greens to retain government.

In ring three, you have the Queers caged by historical persecution and institutional discrimination roaring out for these politicians to address our needs and basic rights. It is not as if the Rainbow Nation is unable to articulate these needs or reticent in doing so because we do this well. However, these calls fall on deaf ears of politicians concerned more with their own power struggles and in retaining privilege rather than dealing with issues faced by their constituents.  The question here is where there is a lack of leadership and political intent where do we turn now.

Them boats keep coming?

Published July 18, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

Human Rights

Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees

Immigration – Pull or Push Factors

Asylum seekers or illegal immigrants

Other boat people – this is not a new issue

Who now

Afghanistan Sri Lanka


Policy History

Children Overboard Affair Pacific solution Tampa affair

Refugee Detention centres

Temporary Protection Visa

Where to

Indonesia Malaysia East Timor Nauru


People smugglers

Border security

Xenophobia Racism

White Australia

War on Terror

wedge politics

Where from

Indonesia Malaysia

Where to

East Timor Nauru

What is the real debate here?

Happy Queen’s Birthday

Published June 8, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

It is the official celebration of HRM EIIR birthday in Australia. However, the highlight is now the honours list a public recognition of those Australians who have made a significant contribution to our country.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List

I have complied The Pink List of people for services towards a better Australia

Dennis Altman – academic, commentator, social policy

Member of the Order of Australia

For service to education as an academic, social and political commentator, and to the community through raising awareness of human rights issues and as a contributor to the development of HIV/AIDS policy

Joseph (Joe) Hasham – actor, writer, producer

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to performing arts through The Actors Studio, Malaysia, and as an actor, writer, producer

Played the first gay character in an ongoing Australian TV role in 1970s soap Number 96

John-Michael Howson – journalist, performer

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to the entertainment industry as a writer and performer

Played Clown on Adventure Island a 1970’s Children’s show strangely from memory he always carried a handbag

Vilma Ward – activist community worker

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to the community of Brisbane

“I was never going to be told what to do by anyone”.

Jonathon Welch – performer, coach, community worker

Member of the Order of Australia

For service to the arts as an operatic performer and vocal coach, and to the community as the founder and musical director of the Choir of Hard Knocks

“when people love their work and are passionate about it “it never really feels like work”.

Honorary Pinkie

Dr Peter Bastable – emergency medicine

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to the development and delivery of emergency medicine in the Mackay region.

Prime Minister of Australia – Speech – Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples

Published June 2, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Prime Minister of Australia – Speech – Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples

I am adding this entry to reflect my ongoing support for our Aboriginal and Indigenous people’s fight for social justice.

A quick blog or was that tweet

Published May 25, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Anyhow I am around for the last week or so I have been focusing on Twitter, therefore I have not blogged for awhile. I was heartened to see a list of rallies planned for the 1/08/09 around Australia demanding social equity go to for further information. Earlier I was going to write an entry on Christian opposition to Same sex marriage but lost the motivation.

This happens often with all good intention I loose focus and drift off on some meandering journey with very little to show for my efforts. I let the fluff get the better of me, as a suffering of anxiety/depression this habit of avoiding situations that may raise my anxiety levels seems to be a real pattern that affects my writing. Do I manage my disorder yes with support, that allows me to also challenge the inevitable self doubt at some level. It is an ongoing story I write in real life everyday through my lived experience.

Anyhow I am glad that there is such an active LGBTIQS culture/communities on the Net because thought their validation I gain some reassurance of myself worth. No I don’t feel that I need this, rather it supplements and reinforces my self worth. So another week ahead…


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