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We are many but We must act as one

Published May 16, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

The reality of the Rainbow Nation

The B of LGBT

The B in LGBT is a blog entry by @tcwaters reflecting on a story about perceived biases against people who identify as bisexual titled Lady Gaga Is Not an Ally to Our Community on The Bilerico Project. @tcwaters does not deny that people who identify as bisexual are not members of our community it just he has never thought about it previously until he read the Bilerico Project article. The author makes two interesting observations that Lesbian and Gay men may or may not really consider the bisexual experience and that we are not really one big homogenous “community.

The Personal

I use many different labels to define my identity including Queer, Gay & Bisexual but never heterosexual discounting it as a nonsense. In my early teens, I often thought of myself as bisexual, however, I could not say that I really was but it gave me comfort. Therefore, I can comfortably say that bisexuality is no alien concept to me it is a reality that your love is not limited by arbitrary gender divisions.

The Rainbow Nation

The dream, that one day the diverse communities of the Rainbow Nation will sit down together in an open and frank conversation to address strategically the discrimination we all experience. In a hostile heteronormative world, even with all the advances over time we still fight everyday to defend our right to be who we are. Our greatest barrier it seems is the lack of leadership to breach our internal biases, which see us discriminate against our own. This situation sees us construct, maintain, and reinforce politically convenient divisions, which in turn perpetuate the sameness that imprisons us. We like other marginalised people sit on the back stoop of the Master’s mansion fighting over scraps from his trashcan while trying not to be shot.

The greatest threat to our rights is ourselves

Only United shall we overcome


Published October 5, 2010 by Michael C Leeson

The recent suicide related deaths of five teens in the US supposedly related to homophobic schoolyard bullying has wiped up a bit of a storm. In no way does this commentary seek to minimalize the human tragedy of suicide and especially that involving children for their family and the community. Rather on these occasions a gaggle of media personalities rush out to tell their story ably aided by mainstream media. Being a cynical old bastard, I tend to take these biographies with a shovel of salt with most of these people having not seen a schoolyard for quite a while. Homophobic bullying affects all children it controls their behaviour to ensure compliance with a limited view of gender identity that needs challenging. Especially, when homophobic bullying does not end at the schoolyard gate, as it is both codified and institutionalised

Do I give a damn YES I DO!

In my three years of secondary schooling, bullies targeted me every day of the week and staff offered no comfort let alone protection.  On some occasions, staff even blamed me for causing the abuse, which still confuses me to this day. I still experience anxiety issues, which often limit my social participation because I do not really trust people. I often hide behind roles, which provides structures that limit the nature of my interactions with others

Does it get better, yes as an adult I discovered my voice, realised,  I have choices and the views of others do not count as much as when I went to school.

Queer in the media

Published July 30, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

This post is another of my link collections highlighting LGBT representation on television and in the movies. It is an open project just make your contribution by adding a comment

GLAAD releases index of LGBT representation on television – Feministing

TV Gayed
GLAAD’s Weekly Guide to What’s LGBT on TV

Television shows

Dramatic television series

Made for television films

About Gay Movies

List of lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender-related films

11 Memorable TV Guestbians


Number 96 (TV series)

Joe Hasham – Don Finlayson -Lawyer

The Box (TV series)

Paul Karo – Lee Whiteman -television producer

Revisiting 1969 and the Start of Gay Liberation

Published June 16, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Revisiting 1969 and the Start of Gay Liberation – City Room Blog –

My immediate question why the Chamber of Commerce, it was any vanilla mainstream organisation that gave birth to the modern movement. It was individual’s who engaged in spontaneous social action in challenging the authorities because of perceived injustice. They drew a line in the sand to use an old metaphor and then stepped over it. In this case it was those individuals often marginalised by both mainstream and gay establishment as unworthy. During this pride month I have spent some time considering the future of our community in all its glory and what campaigns like PROP8 means to us.

My greatest fear is that some seek to sanitise our history for their own ends in achieving middle class acceptance/ or was that tolerance.
This the 40th anniversary of Stonewall what is our future?
What does Gay Liberation mean to you today?

‘Being homosexual is just having the preference to be with the same sex but to be gay is to be involved in it politically’ / Queerty

Published June 15, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

‘Being homosexual is just having the preference to be with the same sex but to be gay is to be involved in it politically’ / Queerty

I couldn’t have defined it any better,

Homosexuality is about the person’s sexual preferences being only 1 dimension of who they are
Gay is about the person’s holistic or whole identity with an inclination to be politically active

I am Gay

Less vitriol and more pink reason

Published June 15, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Stottlemyer: Pat Robertson spouts more nonsense

Whom do we want to share our message? This opinion does little to achieve the goal of raising awareness or grabbing the ear of any potential allies. However, it is another example of hypercritical manipulation of half-truths and emotive rhetoric hurriedly cobbled together as a public response to the ignorance of a perceived enemy. The opinion speaks only to the converted as our enemy does not see our views as valid and those holding neutral positions would simply dismiss it as a weak argument. In seeking support for the causes, we hold close our argument has to be strong and grounded in objectivity, yes easier said than done. In clarifying I do not support Robinson’s ignorance, however when we need to use parenting penguins to support our position it is simply sad.

Questions you need to ask.

What is the difference between being Gay and homosexual?

Why do we rayl at the enemy, when their minds are closed?

Whom do we want to really speak to?

What is our message or messages?

What is the most effective and affective way to deliver the message?

Being Gay has nothing to do with homosexuality!

Sometimes people who have been sexually abused may get the two mixed up because of their trauma

Happy Queen’s Birthday

Published June 8, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

It is the official celebration of HRM EIIR birthday in Australia. However, the highlight is now the honours list a public recognition of those Australians who have made a significant contribution to our country.

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List

I have complied The Pink List of people for services towards a better Australia

Dennis Altman – academic, commentator, social policy

Member of the Order of Australia

For service to education as an academic, social and political commentator, and to the community through raising awareness of human rights issues and as a contributor to the development of HIV/AIDS policy

Joseph (Joe) Hasham – actor, writer, producer

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to performing arts through The Actors Studio, Malaysia, and as an actor, writer, producer

Played the first gay character in an ongoing Australian TV role in 1970s soap Number 96

John-Michael Howson – journalist, performer

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to the entertainment industry as a writer and performer

Played Clown on Adventure Island a 1970’s Children’s show strangely from memory he always carried a handbag

Vilma Ward – activist community worker

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to the community of Brisbane

“I was never going to be told what to do by anyone”.

Jonathon Welch – performer, coach, community worker

Member of the Order of Australia

For service to the arts as an operatic performer and vocal coach, and to the community as the founder and musical director of the Choir of Hard Knocks

“when people love their work and are passionate about it “it never really feels like work”.

Honorary Pinkie

Dr Peter Bastable – emergency medicine

Medal of the Order of Australia

For service to the development and delivery of emergency medicine in the Mackay region.

Pope angers campaigners with speech seen as attack on homosexuality | World news | The Guardian

Published June 3, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Pope angers campaigners with speech seen as attack on homosexuality | World news | The Guardian

Did he misspeak or was his comments really both a reflection of church policy or personal commentary. The later could be disputed however the pope has made similar comments previously, is this just another case of political misspeak.
What is the churches position on gay and transsexual people without the double Dutch of it  not being a sin as long as you don’t have sex or challenge gender (social construct) identity in any form.

Holiness it is time to take a position