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The Ft. Worth Police Department Has A Gay Panic Problem

Published July 11, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Box Turtle Bulletin » The Ft. Worth Police Department Has A Gay Panic Problem

Gay Panic a legal defense against charges of assault or murder. A defendant using the gay panic defence claims that he acted in a state of violent temporary insanity because of a little-known psychiatric condition called homosexual panic. Trans panic is a similar defence applied towards cases where the victim is a transgender or intersex person.


Gays, Ancient Rome, The Vatican & Sally Kern. jaysays.com

Published July 11, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Gays, Ancient Rome, The Vatican and Sally Kern. | jaysays.com |
some of the more outrageous news that deals with the anti-gay establishment – it just keeps getting a little nuttier in the arguments against the queers.

Protest Anti-Gay Hate Disguised as Religious Faith | sexgenderbody

Published July 11, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Protest Anti-Gay Hate Disguised as Religious Faith | sexgenderbody

An article from one of my favourite blogs commenting on  practices of ‘reparative therapy by Exodus International is the nation’s foremost organization claiming to use Christianity to turn LGBT people into “ex-gays.”

LGBT Lessons for Straight People: For What It’s Worth | jaysays.com |

Published July 3, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

LGBT Lessons for Straight People: For What It’s Worth | jaysays.com |

The article speaks to the views of an ally on her understanding and experience of homophobia, with some personal reflections on how it may affect our community. We all have stories about explicit and implicit discrimination it is our lived experience. Nevertheless, how have we handled these occasion, may be not at the time, how do we seek to reconcile the fear, words and results of physical assault.  At one, level which hurts the most in example those omissions of any consideration, insensitive comments, or verbal abuse? Another physical assault when the bruises and welts have faded, blood clotted, fear dulled, abrasions and wounds healed, and bones knitted. What is left for you after these kinds of events, a living breathing person with feels and emotions, a human being, who has to face every day with fear and doubt, in not knowing how you will be discriminated against next.

Before we can venture forward, sometimes we have to heal and this discrimination can fortify our resolve to seek justice. There seems to be no set answer however, we need to reach out to ask for help and seek support. In either personal healing because of the trauma, there is no shame in that because our greatest duty is always to our self before anything. Alternately, in standing up and demanding justice may be a part of the healing by building our support networks, gathering resources and enlisting allies. It is the latter we tend not to readily consider, like our family, friends, community and our straight allies, it may be because we are hurt and become defensive. This seems very important that we access all the resources and supports we can because of our political standing as people on the margin.

Where our detractors promote social uniformity as a norm, we need to normalise social diversity. Where some obstruct us politically, we need to reach out and enlist allies and develop our own political networks. We are the rainbow nation bound by cultural and political ties, charged with defending and promoting our people’s rights.

The Political Carnival: Hatred and the far right

Published June 19, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

The Political Carnival: Hatred and the far right

The article speaks to the relatively recent rise in Hate group activities in the US (circa 2009). However, these people are out there at all times, except the media ignores them until it is convenient like many things to pump up their sensationalist noise factor. Although as a community, they and their minions are part of our lived experience, in espousing some highly selective vitriol against our very existence. While these ignorant people are found wanting due to the inconsistencies in their argument, some quote from the Bible, however over looking its messages of love and acceptance believing these are only for the selected few. Their logic in arguing something that is in opposition to the source they claim as supporting the position held, escapes all reason. It would seem logic has little to do with HATE or ANGER, they seem to cloak the real emotion and neutralise any chance of reconciliation or do they.
It may speak to our strength as a community both in surviving their ongoing attacks and in actively mounting a resistance to this lunacy. The source of this resistance being our PRIDE, an ability to in example openly defend, lobby and express ourselves in a positive way to the wider community.

For Latinos and blacks, a call for unity, not hate

Published June 19, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

For Latinos and blacks, a call for unity, not hate

This article speaks to the debt Latinos have to the Black Civil Rights Movement in advancing civil rights in the past 40-50 yrs. Subsequently the need for this community to show due respect for the African American’s sacrifice in advancing racial equity that Latinos have benefited. How does this relate to our community we too have a debut of gratitude to the Black Civil Rights Movement and Feminists whose struggle have enabled us to make significant gains over the same time period. While we have own history i.e. the homophiles, Stonewall and Gay Liberation, all in their own way and subsequently others have shaped our history. Sometime we lose site of the battles previously fought and won, when engaged in our current campaigns.

This article should serve, as a reminder that we all discriminate may be not in the same way as our foe but in other ways. If we don’t stand up against discrimination who will if one person is discriminated against because of who they are, we are all discriminated against. Even those who have the good fortune to experience privilege for whatever arbitrary reason, in the end those who hate will find out. This may be a word or action, which will remind you that you are one of the other, marginalised by mainstream.