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Published May 23, 2011 by Michael C Leeson

It is not the word of God that concerns me but its interpretation by humyns, in prosecuting their creed of hate. I freely acknowledge the Bible is both a tool for good and hate it enshrines core humanistic values and beliefs, while Haters draw on phrases often quoted out of context to justify their ignorance. This bastardisation of the message frames a campaign to persecute and discriminate against people who do not conform to their narrow vision of humanity including those who identify as LGBTIQ. The most infuriating of all Haters are those who quote the Bible chapter and verse or draw on a loose thematic analysis to qualify their position.

It seems futile to enter into a conversation where the topic is about a belief system mired in the superstitious  thinking of an Iron Age Middle Eastern tribal culture. However, do not be dissuaded from initiating such a conversation but be warned, our strength is to ask questions, to challenge the narrow worldview of the ignorant and naive. Our weakness is the deep wound of rejection we all feel as an individual and collectively as marginalised people, this emotion often appears as anger and may impair our ability to express ourselves in any conversation. It is about managing our weakness, in drawing on our strengths to promote learning in seeking understanding and combating ignorance.


Religion and Sex QuizNicholas D. Kristof

Mollie Hemingway, Ed.: Nick Kristof Proof Texts The Bible – Ricochet  Benzinga Contributor

Critical Thinking: Impossible in Schools?

Published July 11, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Robert Rose: Critical Thinking: Impossible in Schools?

In a world increasingly dominated by spin, the need for not only children, it is up to us all too critically question everything seems paramount. The News is not what it seems, rather a commentary infused with the belief system of its authors. Something presented as a factual account is often pitted with both explicit and implicit value statements. An example being current affair shows and some mainstream News broadcasts present station programming promotions and other service announcements as News, when in fact it is commercial advertising.  Do not accept anything as fact without questioning it, Who, What, Where, When, How and why, check and double check, do not accept any convenient truth as a fact.

Concentration of Politcal Power

Published July 9, 2009 by Michael C Leeson


What the Right can’t get is that tyranny doesn’t come from government; it comes from the concentration of power. It makes no real difference whether the concentration is public or private. When power is concentrated in government, private interests become its puppet. When power is concentrated in private hands, government becomes its puppet. Either way, the people lose. The U.S. federal government was set up so that power would be diffused through the three branches and among Washington and the states, and in this way power in government wouldn’t concentrate in any one place and become too strong for citizens to control. But in their monomaniacal quest to destroy government in the name of “liberty,” the Right left government vulnerable to takeover by non-governmental powers that are not answerable to citizens at all. By fighting a phantom tyranny they have gone a long way toward creating a real one. The Mahablog

Lighthouse Resources:

Published June 3, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Lighthouse Resources:

List of training opportunities for human service workers in Brisbane Queensland Australia 2009
provided by
LIGHTHOUSE RESOURCES a human services training and consulting enterprise.
Aim –
resource the development of strengths-based learning cultures within human service organisations
web: http://www.lighthouseresources.com.au/index.asp

Office Hours: 9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday

Street Address: Kyabra Street, Runcorn, QLD 4113 (Australia)

Postal Address:  P.O Box 1103, Sunnybank Hills, QLD 4109 (Australia)

Phone:  (+61) 7 33739407 (office) (+61) 7 33739481 (bookshop) Freecall 1800 009 462

Fax: (+61) 7 3373 9489

Asexual Visibility and Education Network

Published June 1, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Asexual Visibility and Education Network

Asexuality is a sexual orientation.
The point of this entry is just to share the diversity of human sexuality
An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction.

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On Becoming A Civil Rights Movement…by David Mixner

Published June 1, 2009 by Michael C Leeson

Mixner (Gay Activist USA) New Civil Rights Movement
Comments on the transformation of Lesbian and Gay Civil movement from a top down Washington elite based movement to something more genuine and meaningful as a people’s one.

How does this explain the significant advances in recognition of LGBTIQ rights in other countries?