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Making the World a Little More Pink One Gay at a Time!™


@yero69 RT I want a Dickipedia for Xmas LOL! Auntie Mamie had to call her bikini-clad boyz to help her off the floor


Blog Whenua Fenua Enua Vanua Revolutionary Anti Colonialism & Anti Capitalism

@yero69 Howard & Rudd are two cheeks of the same arse


Blog feminismonline

Just a reminder: “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”


The sex was so good that even the neighbours had a cigarette.


“If You Let Gays Get Married, Straight Men Will Leave Their Wives For Other Guys”

@yero69RT @huffingtonpost: – Stewart On Sanford: Just Another Politician With A Conservative Mind And A Liberal Penis (VIDEO)

@cdashiell: Democrats are like the battered spouse that keeps going back thinking she can fix the marriage.

@EmperorNorton: Political correctness is often a rude man’s word for good manners.

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